Anthony Goicolea
Fictions (Hardcover, 188 pages) Twin Palms Publishers

Fictional stories are those that are created with illusion. The images and sequences imagined and invented by Goicolea challenge the viewer to proceed with trepidation when entering another world of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Goicolea’s Fictions by Twin Palms Publishers combines photographs with drawings from multiple different series. Following the subjects through the pages, the viewer witnesses another world filled of rituals and unspoken codes. Iconic and allegorical figures with symbolic imagery create these narratives in which the line between reality and fantasy is constantly being toyed with. Young boys all dressed in casual “uniforms” engage in mischief and appear to be outcasts of society. The meaning and purpose is never completely exposed, yet there is a constant sense of foreboding interwoven with the timeless places and recurring characters. With the publication’s dedication to “liars and storytellers everywhere,” the images read as a narrative interweaving fantasy and bewilderment.

Anthony Goicolea, Still Waters, 2006 from the monograph FICTIONS.

Anthony Goicolea, Still Waters, 2006 from the monograph FICTIONS.

The complexities are further depicted by the androgynous subjects portrayed in the figurative drawings. Using Mylar and Plexiglas, Goicolea layers elements of the composition in transitional states. The doubling of ghostlike figures and the use of garish colors further blur the line between reality and fiction. The hybridization of ritualistic customs with dreamlike myths creates another world in which the viewer must proceed precariously as a hidden observer to resist engulfment.

As reviewed by PRC intern Laura Norris

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