I was intrigued to read Stephen Tourlentes’ comments about his night photographs of prisons, courtesy of the Massachusetts Cultural Council and their web feature, ArtSake. If you are unaware of ArtSake, here’s what the MCC has to say about it:

ArtSake is a place to dig into the creative, innovative work of Massachusetts artists. It’s hosted by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), the state’s arts agency.

We chose the name ArtSake because support for the arts is often framed in terms of its additional benefits: to education, to the economy, to communities. But we wanted to carve out a space where we celebrated art and art-making for its inherent merits, for its own sake. We’ll use this space to celebrate our state’s innovative and creative minds, highlight new projects, and feature ideas and content straight from the artists.

Above all, we hope to encourage readers to participate in the advancement of Massachusetts arts – especially their own.

I was pleased to discover the state doing this for the arts. I will try to make a habit of checking ArtSake for features on photographers, though I would probably benefit from reading all its offerings, as a way of further acquainting myself with the arts and artists of Massachusetts. I note, though, that the ArtSake archive has 70 items tagged with “photography,” so maybe I should confine myself to my home medium.

Link here to Stephen Tourlentes on ArtSake.

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  1. Hi George,

    I thought you might be interested to read this interview I did with Steve in 2008:




  2. George Slade says:

    Jess, thanks for adding this. I encourage BPF’s readers to follow the link to Jess’ Q&A with Stephen on her blog.

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