You are probably aware that the PRC is using social media to disseminate news about its own programming and other events happening in New England. You will currently find the Wall on our Facebook Page to be functioning as a virtual bulletin board (and we still have an analogue version just inside our front door on Commonwealth); we also use Twitter to circulate appropriate and timely announcements, and Flickr for collections of photographs relating to our programs.

In the past, Boston Photography Focus (BPF) has also had a smattering of calls for entry and listings of opportunities for photographers. These categories were among the many you could search on the blog.

We want to use each of our discursive spaces effectively and provide our readers with information where and when it may benefit them most. Toward this end, all future-oriented news items, including exhibitions, talks, calls, deadlines, and the like will be announced in our biweekly newsletters and posted in the listings on our web site. Please look there to read about events and opportunities in the coming weeks and months.

For your convenience, instead of having to send something to us and then wait for us to post it on Facebook and/or in the next e-newsletter, you can just pin it up on our Facebook Wall, with a link to your site. And while you’re there, scroll down the list and see who else is posting, and give them a thumbs up or leave a comment. Web 2.0 is a two-way street, after all.

BPF, then, will be a chronicle, a space for reflection and commentary on things that have taken place or have been generated specifically for the blog. In the coming weeks look for interviews with Tara Sellios and Brian Doan, and content designed to expand on the articles in Loupe (issue two of which should arrive in your box very soon). BPF is a space for dialogue; please know that we welcome your comments and hope that the PRC provides a stream of information in all of its vehicles that enlightens and engages your interests in contemporary photographic work. Feel free to let us know when we fall short of that goal.

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