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Fast Camera:

An App That Lives Up to Its Name


by Zach Hoffman

Right now, more and more camera and photography related apps are flooding the online market. There are hundreds of apps all telling you that they can radically change the way you take pictures with your phone, but none seem to do more than put a new face over the default camera. Fast Camera, on the other hand, not only changes the interface of the camera, but also alters the way the camera captures images to speed up the process without sacrificing quality. Most apps are designed to streamline the image capture process and generally replace technical controls with “cool” filters and aesthetic facades. As an academically trained photographer, this app provides me with the technical control I am used to in an interactive, touch sensitive experience.

Basically this app allows you to capture quickly and easily several images and review them later. With the default camera on your phone, images can only be captured as fast as you can push the button. With Fast Camera, you have full control of not only the speed at which the images are taken but you can also set and lock exposure, focus, and white balance settings with a simple touch.

When you first open the app, the capture mode is set to auto by default. This means as soon as you open the app, Fast Camera instantly starts capturing images. This feature can be a little agitating if you are not expecting it but once you understand the settings and their functions, this app really begins to shine. Read the rest of this entry »

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