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NEO is the PRC’s monthly online gallery of work by members in the New England region. It is selected by the PRC curator and entered on the first of each month with commentary and an artist statement. The best way to be considered for NEO is by taking part in the monthly member portfolio reviews with the PRC’s curator and program manager George Slade.

Jane Paradise, At the Museum, San Francisco, 2009, from the series "Not Quite Strangers"

Northeast Exposure Online is back, in a redesigned presentation that will facilitate viewer access to the great work of our regional membership.

The October installment of the new NEO goes live today and features work by Jane Paradise. Jane has been interested in situational recording and the social landscape for some time. Her ongoing investigation “Not Quite Strangers” considers moments of anomaly, moments between here and there when we have, as Laurie Anderson once chanted, “gotten stuck in one of those abstract trances”—neither estranged nor entirely present.

(Jane, by the way, was entirely present for our Portrait Night earlier this week. She showed her efforts at portraying the city of Provincetown as she knows it, from over fifty years of visits, not as the tourist mecca most people envision.)

Paradise on NEO

Fans, historians, and artists shown during NEO’s first lifespan please note: There are nearly seventy portfolios in the NEO archives; we are in the process of uploading them all into the new design, which is searchable by date and name. We appreciate your patience as this process is underway.

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