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There were nine portfolios shown in the gallery on our first Documentary Night, July 22. All in attendance were enthusiastic about the event as a way for photographers from different circles to share common interests in an open and encouraging environment. Some came just to look, and all attendees learned from the range of images and experiences offered for consideration. The distance-traveled prize goes to Andrea Stultiens, who was visiting from the Netherlands.

As attendee Lisa Chioffi wrote:
“I really enjoyed the evening. The diversity of projects and techniques was a refreshing source of inspiration for my own creative ideas. The gathering was intimate enough to hear something about everyone’s personal journey in photography: their equipment, their failures along the way, their inspirations. A very supportive peer environment. The overall format and time allotted were excellent, and wine and snacks were a nice touch.”

Attendee Chris Churchill, who was part of the PRC’s 2006 exhibition DOCUMENT and shared his book-in-progress American Faith, wrote that he enjoyed the opportunity to see a variety of work at different stages of completion “presented by people who are committed to their projects and to photography, which at the end of the day is what it’s all about.”

The evening program showed us that there is strong interest in the PRC serving as a meeting place for affinity groups, people interested in a particular aspect of the medium. Thus, we are planning our next two “nights” in September and October, to coincide with our exhibition Michal Chelbin: Strangely Familiar.

September 29: Portrait Night
October 27: Student Night (attendance will be limited to students enrolled in PRC’s Institutional members)

Details will follow about these two events. We also welcome your ideas about other “nights” we might consider hosting through the fall and winter. Thanks again to all attendees and PRC staff who made the evening such a pleasure.

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On a day when computers seem determined to frustrate humans (you know what I mean), I was happy to be able to absorb myself in Richard Renaldi’s pdf books, from a nice gallery of nearly a dozen on his web site. Richard, who will be doing a lecture and workshop here at the PRC in September, clearly has a lot of images flowing into and through his system; these PDFs form a useful way to organize and present them without having to commit enormous amounts of time or money. Some may end up as real books (I think there’s some promise in the Easter Parade, for one), but I suspect that these are more for fun and quick takes than for long-term. I hesitate to say it, but these are photo books that might actually work on electronic readers, in much the same way that a family snapshot album might travel with you.

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Anthony Goicolea
Fictions (Hardcover, 188 pages) Twin Palms Publishers

Fictional stories are those that are created with illusion. The images and sequences imagined and invented by Goicolea challenge the viewer to proceed with trepidation when entering another world of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Goicolea’s Fictions by Twin Palms Publishers combines photographs with drawings from multiple different series. Following the subjects through the pages, the viewer witnesses another world filled of rituals and unspoken codes. Iconic and allegorical figures with symbolic imagery create these narratives in which the line between reality and fantasy is constantly being toyed with. Young boys all dressed in casual “uniforms” engage in mischief and appear to be outcasts of society. The meaning and purpose is never completely exposed, yet there is a constant sense of foreboding interwoven with the timeless places and recurring characters. With the publication’s dedication to “liars and storytellers everywhere,” the images read as a narrative interweaving fantasy and bewilderment.

Anthony Goicolea, Still Waters, 2006 from the monograph FICTIONS.

Anthony Goicolea, Still Waters, 2006 from the monograph FICTIONS.

The complexities are further depicted by the androgynous subjects portrayed in the figurative drawings. Using Mylar and Plexiglas, Goicolea layers elements of the composition in transitional states. The doubling of ghostlike figures and the use of garish colors further blur the line between reality and fiction. The hybridization of ritualistic customs with dreamlike myths creates another world in which the viewer must proceed precariously as a hidden observer to resist engulfment.

As reviewed by PRC intern Laura Norris

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Thursday, September 24, 6pm
The Wonder Bar, 186 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA

Clear your schedules, photo enthusiasts—it’s time for another PRC PhotoSLAM! The PhotoSLAM is a digital slide show of ALL submitted photographs—a showcase of the talent within the PRC membership. YOU choose the work to show; YOU bring your friends and narrate your entry the day of the slam; and YOU make as much noise as you can to help select the winners.

Submit your photos via CD or email by September 22nd to, attention PhotoSLAM! We are only accepting submissions in digital format. Limit 5 images. Images must be jpegs (labeled last name and # – i.e., Smith1.jpg), formatted for PC (please include .jpg extension) at 150 dpi/ppi, no larger than 1000 pixels in either direction. All entries should include the artist’s name, phone number, email, image information (title, year, media, etc.), and a brief description of the work or series. The PRC PhotoSLAM is a great chance to get feedback on new work or show your favorites, catch up with old friends or network with new ones, win fun prizes, and see the images that other PRC members are passionate about.
Let your work be seen!

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Last week, the PRC teamed up with The Griffin Museum of Photography to host a portfolio review event on the campus of Northeastern University.

We had over 60 local and nationally-based photographers come to Boston to have reviews by over 40 gallery owners, photo reps, museum professionals and educators. We would like to thank all who gave up their Friday and Saturday to make this event a success.

Paula Tognarelli, Jim Fitts, Neal Rantoul, Russell Hart, Jessica Oldham, Barbara Bosworth, James Hull, Arlette Kayafas, Howard Yezerski, Karl Baden, Robert Klein, Jonathan Singer, Ariel Shanberg, Tony Decaneas, Cary Wolinsky, Stephen DiRado, Rob Haggart, Jill Enfield, Michelle Lamuniere, Dana Salvo, Jim Dow, Jane Tuckerman, John Mannion, Dabney Hailey, Leonie Bradbury, Katherine Hennessy, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Phillip Prodger, Anne Havinga, Lynne Cooney, Randi Hopkins, Katherine French, Eunice Hurd, Camilo Alvarez, Jörg Colberg, Nick Capasso, Eliane Laffont, Jean-Pierre Laffont, Keith Johnson

We would also like to send out a special thanks to our vendors Digital Silver Imaging and Ava Art for sponsoring this event and presenting their services to our guests. If you didn’t get a chance to speak to them, please click on the links above to visit their websites.

All images courtesy of Jim Fitts.

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Get thee to see!

There are only 10 more days to see the PRC’s SYNTAX exhibition as well as the whole Boston Cyberarts Festival – both run through May 10th!

I’m hitting the pavement hard tomorrow myself. You can check out SYNTAX virtually here and chart out your entire Cyberarts route here.

Some highlights:

In Sebastian Smee’s recent review of the entire Cyberarts fest in the Boston Globe, he stated the following: “The best curated group show I saw as part of the festival was “Syntax” at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University (reviewed in the Globe by Mark Feeney, April 3).”

In Nina Barber’s Big, Red, and Shiny’s interview with Boston Cyberarts Festival’s amazing Director George Fifield: “The organizations have a very good sense of what the festival is about. Somebody like the Photographic Resource Center’s Leslie Brown has done these great exhibitions where she really gets under the ideas of what technology is when you use the phrase in terms of art. Their current show, “SYNTAX,” is about artists who are mainly photographers, but they are approaching the data that’s actually in the photos in interesting ways.”

Below is a list of links and press that SYNTAX has garnered:

Art New England, April/May 2009 (not posted online yet)

Boston Phoenix, Greg Cook, “Our digital landscape, The 2009 Boston Cyberarts Fest,” Greg Cook, April 28, 2009

BU Today, AV Slideshow, “The Artistic Semantics of Syntax, New exhibition opens today at Photographic Resource Center,” Kimberly Cournelle, March 30, 2009

Stuff, “Syntax,” Jacqueline Houton, March 23, 2009

Boston Phoenix, “Digital language at the PRC, Syntax, at Boston University’s Photographic Resource Center,” Evan J. Garza, March 11, 2009

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Friday and Saturday, May 8th & 9th, 2009
Location: Northeastern University
Registration will be online only on April 13th at 9am sharp!

This year the PRC and the Griffin Museum of Photography have teamed up to co-sponsor the New England Portfolio Review Event 2009. Photographers of all genres and skill levels will have a rare opportunity to have their work assessed by leading curators, gallery owners, editors, and educators during this two-day event hosted on the campus of Northeastern University.

Photographers can sign up for a single review, a package of three reviews, or a package of six reviews. Photographers can sign up for reviews on Friday, May 8th, Saturday May 9th, or both days. There will be a morning session on Friday, and morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday. Each portfolio review will last 20 minutes with a 10 minute break between reviews.

Registration is open at 9am on Monday, April 13th and will occur online only. Processing is done on a first come, first serve basis. The cost of the portfolio reviews will range from $45 for one review to $250 for 6 reviews for members of each of the organizations.

Please note: There are no guarantees that photographers will be assigned the reviewers that they requested. Once the portfolio review sessions are full, photographers have the option of being placed on the wait list.

Here is a list of participating reviewers.

Generous support for this year’s event was made possible by Northeastern University and our sponsors Ava Art and Digital Silver Imaging.

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We are happy to announce our spring seminar, Contemporary Trends in Photographic Portraiture with Roswell Angier. Spots are filling up quick, so please contact the PRC at your earliest convenience if you are interested in taking the seminar.

SEMINAR>Contemporary Trends in Photographic Portraiture with Roswell Angier

$50 Members/$75 Non-Members/$30 Full-time students
Tuesday, February 17 and 24 and March 3 and 10, 2009 – 7pm
Registration required. To register, please call 617.975.0600.
Classes will meet at BU – classroom TBA

Seminar participants will have the opportunity to study photographers, movements, and trends that have shaped what contemporary photographic portraiture is today.

The lectures will deal with a constellation of artists and photographers who use the portrait as an essential element in their image making process, others that use it to reference their influences, and perhaps still another that deal with the cross-fertilization between photographers and artists in other medias.

Questions and discussions will be encouraged at each meeting, and suggested readings will be available for further study.

Roswell Angier was educated at Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley and is presently on the faculty at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Angier has worked for commercial magazines and on numerous documentary projects. Books include A Kind of Life: Conversations in the Combat Zone (1976), and Train Your Gaze: A Practical and Theoretical Introduction to Portrait Photography (2007). His work is in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Fogg Museum, Cambridge, MA. Angier’s exhibitions include solo shows at Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston, and Gitterman Gallery, New York.

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If you weren’t able to make it last night to the lecture by Larry Fink, you missed out on a real special event.  After a few canceled and delayed flights he made it to the lecture hall with 5 minutes to spare.  He whipped out his harmonica and began to serenade the packed audience until his digital slide set-up was just right.

An image of Larry Fink.  Photo by Neal Rantoul

An image of Larry Fink. Photo by Neal Rantoul

The first half of the lecture he discussed his project, The Democrats following around Barack Obama on the campaign trail and ended with a retrospective of much of the work he has done over the past 40 years.

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Please join the PRC this Thursday, December 11th at 7pm for an interactive lecture with the prominent fine art and editorial photographer Larry Fink.

For over 30 years, photographer Larry Fink has been actively capturing the visual vernacular of the people and events that surrounds us.  From his earliest work in his books Social Graces, Boxing and Runway, to his most recent project The Democrats, Fink brings these social interactions out of the crowd and into our homes.

Lecture with Larry Fink
Thursday, December 11th at 7pm
Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences
5th Floor, Auditorium 522
725 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

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