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In this new feature, we’ll be featuring two images per week from EXPOSURE: The 14th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition. Keep checking back on Mondays and Thursdays to see an image per artist as well as artist statements and website links.

Surf on in to our flickr site and check out installation shots and photos from the opening reception of EXPOSURE by clicking here.

ALLEN BYRAN – “Comforts of Home”

These pictures are part of a series titled “Comforts of Home.” They hint at the cyclical and ever-changing nature of our lives together with the environment we inhabit. It is my hope that the viewer can voyeuristically walk into and through these disquieting panoramas. A phantom occupant and actions are implied. The minute details of objects in and around these living spaces give us a glimpse into both the past and present. Space is altered and compressed; interiors intrude into exteriors through windows or doors left carelessly ajar. These are unsettling and precarious spaces-a sense of instability or flux ensues-and planes and perspective are distorted as if in a dream. Time becomes an active element in this series as the viewer wanders around in the picture plane uncovering a story.  – AB

ABOVE IMAGE – Allen Bryan, Holiday Setting, 2009, from the series “Comforts of Home,” Pigment inkjet print, 16 x 48 inches, courtesy of the artist

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