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By Stephanie Robb, PRC Intern, Fall 2011

The task of creating a memorable and comprehensive portfolio that depicts our strengths and abilities is challenging and a little daunting. Larry Volk and Danielle Currier, authors of the new book, No Plastic Sleeves: The Complete Guide for Photographers and Designers, and presenters at the PRC workshop on November 12, showed us a new way to approach this project. They suggest we stick with our artistic impulses and be creative. Go figure – experts explaining to artists they need to be creative. It sounds preposterous, but ultimately, we are faced with the undeniable truth: conservative presentations always prove to be less memorable, less marketable. Perhaps we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, we do.

Volk and Currier emphasize the importance of remembering the potential customer/curator perspective. Another cloth-bound book neatly composed and devoid of personal voice can easily go unnoticed on a busy desk, forgotten among stacks of other books, also full of excellent photography. The workshop included a presentation with many examples of portfolios that stand out and make a statement even before they are open.

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