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By Kaleigh Rusgrove, PRC Intern

Kaleigh Rusgrove, “Siren” from the series “Make Believe,” 2013

My photographic journey began at thirteen when I started taking pictures for fun with a small Olympus point and shoot I found lying around my house. Looking for a place to show these snapshots of flowers and my converse sneakers, I turned to quickly growing social media sites, in which I found a digital home for these random and often pointless shots I was accumulating.

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Zach Hoffman, Associate Curator/PRC Spring 2013 Intern

Unconventional Inventions: Innovative, Unusual, and Alternative Approaches to Photography, previously on display at Endicott College’s Carol Grillo Gallery in the Walter J Manninen Center for the Arts as a Photographic Resource Center satellite exhibit, showcases artists working outside the mainstream who integrate creativity with ingenuity to push the boundaries of the photographic medium. After almost four months of dedication and hard work as the Associate Curator, I am pleased to share with you the struggles and successes I encountered as I worked to make this “unconventional” exhibition a reality.

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I am a recent graduate of Endicott College with an interest in studio art and museum education.  I received a BFA with a concentration in studio art in May 2012. For my senior thesis, I explored the link between creative arts therapy and mental illness. Because I have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past, I wanted others to be able to share in my thoughts and emotions during that difficult period of my life, as well as provide a voice for others who suffer like me.

I also take a keen interest in historical and vintage photography, especially portraiture. Black and white moments captured in time tell such captivating stories of other generations that often seem foreign to many of us. When I look at the faded gray and sepia expressions on the faces of those from another era, I find myself wondering, “What was going on in their minds when this photo was taken? What did they do next? What stories did they have to tell?”

I am also greatly interested in fashion photography from the early to mid 2oth century. Photographer Richard Avedon, who captures the timeless beauty of women from the 1940s and ‘50s, is someone I greatly admire. Through his work, Avedon dispels the stereotype that women are fragile and delicate. His ability to capture both their external and internal strength is a quality that I find very powerful. He encourages the viewer to look beyond the designer clothing, hair, and makeup and into the model’s true self. Even though I am captivated by the styles and trends exhibited in Avedon’s photographs, I feel that his greatest success lies in his portrayal of women who are often underestimated and misunderstood.

In the future, I plan to attend graduate school for museum studies and/or museum education. My ultimate goal is to work in a museum with historical significance, such as the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. or the Museum of Natural History in New York City. While interning at the PRC, I hope to gain knowledge and experience that will help me succeed professionally in the future. I hope to learn more about photography through the resources that the PRC has to offer, including the 2012 Benefit Auction, the Aaron Siskind Library, nights and workshops at the PRC, and by interacting with new people and gaining more insight into photography. My goal is to learn more about exhibiting art and the different ways that people can express themselves.


Richard Avedon, “Dovima and Sacha, Café des Deux Magots, Paris,” August 1955


Richard Avedon, “Dovima with Elephants, Cirque d’hiver, Paris,” August 1955

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