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Last week at the Wonder Bar in Allston, the PRC hosted its 4th PhotoSLAM! A PRC member program, the PhotoSLAM! is a digital slideshow of photographs submitted by members, a democratic showcase of the work and talent within the PRC membership. Participants came to narrate their work, and cheered on friends in a supportive environment! A good time was had by all.

Check out the pics online by clicking here or on the above montage. We hope that you can join us next time!

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Kassia Karr

Editor’s Note: This is the first of what hopes to be many posts by our intern/workstudy students! The first is by Kassia Karr, a 4th year BA/MA student in interdisciplinary studies, focusing on South Asia, at BU. As you can see by the above image and at her Web site, she is also a very talented photographer! She’s been away from the PRC for about a year. We’re glad to have her back!

When I landed at Logan Airport in May, it was windy, rainy, and cold: 55, maybe 56 degrees. I had been in transit for over 36 hours, and when I realized that the only ‘warm’ piece of clothing I possessed was a single, well-worn cardigan, I was ready to hop the next plane back to India.

After returning to New England weather, what could possibly cheer me up? Coming back to work at the PRC, of course! I jumped right back into my position as a PRC intern after a year’s absence from Boston. I had left the day after last year’s “Exposure” exhibition, and returned a little over a week before this year’s show. The center was a busy place, with artwork to be hung, condition reports to be filled out, newsletters to be sent, numerous letters to be folded and stamped, etc. The opening reception had a great turnout despite the threat of rain. If a girl in a bright blue skirt handed you a glass of wine or a beer, that was me. Yes, interns wear many hats, including that of bartender.

While I was gone I kept up with PRC happenings via our very active Flickr site. From 7000 miles away I was able to look at images from the 2007 PRC Benefit Auction, the installations for the AD AGENCY, student, and New England Survey exhibitions, and shots of various photographers from our lecture series. I regularly updated my Flickr account as well, giving people back home a little glimpse of my life and travels during my year abroad. I also enjoyed perusing our contacts’ Flickr sites and user-driven groups like the New England Survey photo pool. I was happy to see my friend and local photographer Derek Vincent contributing some of his work to the pool.

Despite the mediocre weather, I’m happy to be back in Boston and back at the PRC. There’s a busy summer ahead, as it’s time to start organizing the 2008 PRC Benefit Auction set for October 25th. I am looking forward to the work ahead!

ABOVE IMAGE: Hanukkah in Madurai. December 2007. Photo by Kassia Karr

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Fireworks montage from drumnwhistles

We hope all photo friends enjoy the long weekend and celebrate in your respective ways! The PRC will be closed the 4th and through the weekend.

Today, I begin to take down the PRC Juried Exhibition (a great run! – but all good things must come to an end). The gallery will soon be given over to Summer Photo Camp, so there will be no exhibition on display until early September. Make no mistake, we’re still here, busy prepping for the next year and our upcoming 2008 PRC Benefit Auction!

Above is a Flickr montage for your enjoyment and here are some tips for photographing fireworks from the Boston Globe. Have a safe and happy 4th!

ABOVE: A montage from Drumnwhistle’s flickr stream created with a flickr toy

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Last night at the Wonder Bar in Allston, the PRC hosted its 3rd PhotoSLAM! A PRC member program, the PhotoSLAM! is a digital slideshow of photographs submitted by members, a democratic showcase of the work and talent within the PRC membership. Participants came to narrate their work, and cheered on friends in a supportive environment! A good time was had by all.

Check out the pics online by clicking here or on the above montage. We hope that you can join us next time!

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We just posted new pics on our PRC flickr page. So surf on in and check out installation shots of the current exhibition and photos from the opening reception of EXPOSURE: The 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition.

Just click the photomontage below!

A sneak peek, CLOCKWISE from upper left:

* New England Institute of Art Photo Faculty Molly Lamb and Jared Leeds (past PRC NEO!) come out to support exhibiting artist and NEIA faculty Claire Beckett (center)
* Exhibiting artist and MassArt alum Erik Schubert and PRC Curator Leslie K. Brown
* PRC Executive Director Jim Fitts and Gallery NAGA Director Arthur Dion
* Juried show alum Bob O’Connor and friend check out Eric Percher’s work

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Inspired by our current landscape show, New England Survey, I thought it would be interesting to place a map in the gallery and encourage folks to notate it with their own “senses of place.”

It took me a while to track down a map of New England with the region all on one side (thanks AAA!). My hunt for map pins also took a little longer than expected (thank you Bob Slate!). I stocked a wooden sketch box full of materials (thanks Pearl!) and cut up pieces of vellum upon which to write. After ironing the map flat, I hung it up in the gallery and waited…

Whenever I come up with such ideas, I never know if visitors will go along. Well, I am happy to report that they did! After the opening, we had about 25 notes/places and as of yesterday, I counted over 125! As you can see in these installation shots, folks have shared a wide variety of places and ideas. Interestingly, a vast majority of them are along the New England coast, Cape Cod, or in Maine.

I have noted a few of my favorites below, but you can also check out others on the PRC Flickr page. (In our flickr group we’ve had an active discussion on what makes New England, New England.) I’d love to hear more. What spaces and places in New England are you moved by and why? Share them below, or come to the PRC and add to the collective notion of our region before the show’s last day, May 11th!

~ When I was 9, I was mobbed and pinched by a flock of geese. It was the first time I saw the ocean – Chatham Beach, MA
~ Jack’s Old Cottage – Craigsville Beach, MA
~ I fell in love, and felt home – Ayer, MA
~ Where I lived my whole life – Hudson, NH
~ Every October, our family gathers in this isolated cottage. Each morning I’d wake to the breathtaking harbor view – East Boothbay, ME
~ I realized that there is always a back road leading home – Near the border of MA & NY

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As you can see, we have a snazzy new blog banner above! We’re getting ready for an official launch of the blog soon, so for those lucky few who have stumbled upon us, we’re hoping to expand our audience even more! In honor of this, I thought it might be fun to delve into the PRC Flickr archives and share with you some past PRC logos and assorted designs.

The above scan is of a PRC button with our 5th anniversary logo on it. This logo appeared on the PRC newsletter in 1981 and on a special promo piece. I just love the phrase “and still developing!” I worry that such an analogy might be loosing its meaning in today’s digital realm, and ask you dear readers, what would the equivalent phrase be today?

I am not quite sure when the PRC square came into being, but it’s likely around the time the newsletter changed from the descriptive “PRC Newsletter” to “in the loupe” (hmm, another pre-digital analogy?). As you can see in our PRC Flickr archive set here, the squared circle was popular for a while in our graphic treatment (and still is, see the upper right photo taken by an AIB graphic design student for our new membership brochure). I had a blast riffling through old files and gathering such ephemera for our 30th anniversary exhibition and a special web site and historical display case.

Variations on the PRC green can be found in the PRC gallery foyer and oddly enough, in my springtime coat. Interestingly, a spicy green is used by another of our sister institutions, as you can see in a photo from my recent trip to Houston. I could tell you the pantone #, but then I’d have to…

Please feel free to share any of your own photo-graphics stories or historical tidbits in the comments!

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Local is the new global.  The internet lets you communicate with people around the world, but most people use it to find things in their own backyards – weather, movies, restaurants, art shows, dates…  We’re all about local at Boston Photography Focus and the PRC, although we consider local to be all of metro Boston, all of Massachusetts, and all of New England, which sometimes includes New York City.

So we’re happy to acknowledge links and shouts from Universal Hub and Dan’s flickr list of regional groups.  Dan’s list includes our own New England Survey Online, and lots of other fun local flickr communities, such as the always artsy Union Square 02143, my hometown Cambridge, MA, our buddies at Massart (digital_Massart), Boston Photo Nerds and (I wonder if there is a lot of overlap?) Boston’s Single Flickrites, and the always popular Lomo it Boston.  And don’t forget to check out the PRC’s own little corner of flickr.

So there’s not really much of an excuse not to share your photos with like-minded folks.  Drop us a line and let us know about your favorite photo groups, online or off!

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The PRC invites you to share your photographs with our new Flickr group, “New England Survey Online.”

Can’t make it physically to see the exhibition New England Survey at the Photographic Resource Center? Or, you did see it, were inspired, and want to respond artistically? Or even, have you scads of wonderfully poetic photographs of and about the New England landscape?

Well then, you are in luck… we have launched a topical PRC flickr group. Help us test the waters of this new idea in the hopes that we can do it with other topics in the future. Share your work with us and the world! To date we have over 100 photos, 40 members, and an active discussion. Browse the photographs in the pool here and see how to add yours below.

flickr group

This is an open opportunity for all to share and discuss photographs which resonate with our current exhibition and asks “What is New England about New England landscape?” We are hoping to gather together images that explore a state of mind and a sense of place that is unique to this region. We invite you to post your thoughts about this issue as well as any information on your images (and even poems too!).

To share your New England photographs and get started, first you must have a Flickr account (free!). After you do, sign in as yourself first, then go to the PRC’s group page by clicking here and to the right you’ll see “Join this Group” link. Click on it, read the rules and if you agree, and then join the group! (The rules are very minor but will help to keep the group running smoothly and a joy to all.) After you’ve joined, return to your Flickr page, click on the picture you want to share and along the top of it you’ll see “Send to group.” Click on that, select our group’s name, and then presto you are all set! If you have any issues, first visit these Flickr group FAQs, or send us an email.

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