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Article by Hilary Falcon, PRC Intern, Spring 2012

For Almond Dhukka, president and savior of the Boston University Photography Club, the love affair with photography all began with a messed up delivery from eBay. After placing an order for a three-ring binder, the engineer in Almond was only hoping to store his class notes in a more methodical manner. What arrived on his doorstep, however, was fate: around $4,000 worth of Nikon camera equipment, all in one box. But Almond still longed for his three-ring binder. After receiving a message from Ebay about the photographer in San Diego who was out an entire order of DSLR + equipment, Almond referred to the terms & agreements listed on eBay’s website and pointed out that the camera goodies were technically his now.

Anyways, it was kismet. Because Almond promptly got to work at learning every technical aspect of his new camera, clearing away its aura of mystery and dissecting each and every one of its functions. This all came pretty naturally for Almond; he majored in Mechanical Engineering and graduated this May from BU with a job already lined up in Connecticut to work on nuclear-powered submarines. When looking at Almond’s photography, one can see that he is drawn to architecture, geometry, symmetry – in a word, linear design. “I love to know how everything works,” Almonds says.

So how did Almond come to save the BU Photo Club, which was suffering from low membership, involvement, and enthusiasm? Read the rest of this entry »

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For as long as I can remember, I have been captivated by leaves. Their venations, forms, and tonalities inspired a faithfulness to capture what I see as the beautiful and distinctive material of everyday life. My photography documents those simple yet profound truths I find in nature as they take shape before my eyes. I see the natural world as not merely the backdrop to life, but emblematic of life itself; a vital element at the core of our living world that exceeds our own existence. In my photographic odes to nature I explore the detailed, the painterly, and the spiritual, examining the tensions therein between sensitivity and strength. For me, photographing is a poetic burst of inner feelings, an attempt to create something that honors the connection between nature and self.

I am interested in all aspects of photography and curatorship. I hope to become an art director someday, and I feel this internship will give me valuable insight into a photographic institution. As a photographer I was so excited to stumble upon the PRC, an intimate haven in which to explore new ideas in photography as network of communication that enhances our world with beauty, dialog, and invention.

Hilary Falcon is a photographer studying photojournalism at Boston University. Her work is an exploration of the connections between the natural world and the self. Attempting to honor nature’s authenticity, Falcon strives to document the paradoxes of everyday life that are mirrored in nature. Much of her work examines the tensions between sensitivity and strength, the qualities of color, and the delicate, detailed core of the living world.

You can follow her recent work at

and view her photojournalistic portfolio at

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