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After a summer abroad in Italy studying Venetian Renaissance art, I am extremely eager to return to the PRC for another internship this fall. My experience abroad and photography practice this summer in Rome, Verona, Venice, Padua, Bologna, Florence, Monte Grappa, Milan, Cinque Terre, and Bassano made me excited to continue interning.

Balcony in Venice

After contemplating for a long time about what exactly I wanted to tackle in the fall semester, I couldn’t find an internship that better meets my interests. I wanted a hands-on experience where I was not running to get coffee but participating in daily activities, given important responsibilities, and asked my opinion. Because I interned at the PRC in the spring, the staff invited me back for a new position working almost exclusively with Program & Exhibition Manager Erin Wederbrook Yuskaitis. This year, I will focus on the PRC 2012 Benefit Auction and various upcoming shows.

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My photographs materialize mainly out of happenstance, decisively wandering while looking to capture and connect the mind’s dots.  These narrative works portray repetitious themes of time, home, and growth.  Recently, I have extended my interests to roles of the self, producing scenes both altered and naturally occurring, challenging the viewer’s notions of self placement.

The concept of realizing a moment instantaneously as I had experienced it, was foremost the notion which pushed me away from painting and into photography.  Painting as a medium was never fast enough for me and I quickly became frustrated, creating under or over-worked pieces, all poor attempts at illustrating what I thought was important to see and remember.  Through film photography, I partake in this tangible, immediate medium, which extends its tools of film type and process to produce imagery consistent with my concepts.

After working for nearly a decade within post-production for small to large businesses, Stephanie hopes to broaden her experiences and knowledge for a career change into arts administration.  With her internship at the PRC, she hopes to learn hands on operational practices from this successful non-profit arts center.  She will focus on the Connections Network and preparations for the PRC’s annual art auction this fall.

In addition to preparing for a new career in arts administration, Stephanie is also the Managing Director for local artist collective Rifrákt.  A nomadic group of 8 local artists, spanning works from illustration to photography to lithography, Rifrákt aims to foster artistic growth and engage surrounding communities amongst the arts. / /

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I have always been interested in telling a story.  I hold a BA in Communications Sciences from the Wilhelms Universität of Münster, Germany, but it is through photography that I have found a passion in storytelling through visual aesthetics. This passion is what finally made me aim for a photography career.

Looking at a photograph and being surprised by elements not obvious to the eye has always fascinated me, but it is the ability of capturing time, emotions, milestones, a way to discover and express myself, and perhaps making the viewer think about the context of an image, that drives me to create through photography.

The strong light and high color contrast of the natural scenes of my birthplace, Mexico, have always nurtured my desire to express myself through images. Its shapes, compositions, sunlight, vivid colors, and diverse cultural artistic expressions have influenced the way I make photographs.

Through shooting events since 2011 as a volunteer for the Photographic Resource Center, I had the opportunity to get to know the motivated and professional staff at this organization, which helped me discover the work of brilliant artists. I want to learn the behind-the-scenes process of running an organization like the PRC, learn even more about art itself, and keep nurturing my desire to create.

Born in Mexico, Helena Goessens grew up between Madrid and Mexico City and received a BA degree from the Wilhelms Universität of Münster, Germany in Communication Sciences. She moved to Boston in 2003 with her husband and three children. She recently graduated from the Digital Photography Program at Boston University Center of Digital Imaging Arts, and she is currently starting her own photography business serving the metro Boston area.

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Silver, Salt, and Sunlight: Early Photography in Britain and France
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
February 7 – August 12, 2012

Review by Meredith Hoobler, PRC Intern, Spring 2012

As one leaves the bright, white, well-lit Contemporary wing at the MFA, one stumble through pairs of glass doors into an entirely new atmosphere. One’s mood instantly relaxes and the drama of the gallery becomes noticeable. The wall directly ahead depicts a landscape scene with the title of the exhibition, Silver, Salt, and Sunlight: Early Photography in Britain and France. Immediately, the curator explains the connection in the gallery between the photographs and daguerreotypes, hung based on their construction during the same time period.

The featured images depict humans, landscapes, and images of everyday life. These images don’t necessarily portray any kind of hidden message, but simply inform the viewers about happenings in Europe during the 1800s. When installing and planning the exhibition, it seems the curator intended to coax the viewers into appreciating the historical significance tied to art. This philosophy is evident by the way the curators did not group the images by subject matter, but rather based on their significance during the time period in which they were created. Of course visitors come to critically assess the works, but the placement and subject matters are not the main focus of the criticism. The works on the wall are significant not because they are mere photographs, but because they are among the first photographs created in these areas of the world. Read the rest of this entry »

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For as long as I can remember, I have been captivated by leaves. Their venations, forms, and tonalities inspired a faithfulness to capture what I see as the beautiful and distinctive material of everyday life. My photography documents those simple yet profound truths I find in nature as they take shape before my eyes. I see the natural world as not merely the backdrop to life, but emblematic of life itself; a vital element at the core of our living world that exceeds our own existence. In my photographic odes to nature I explore the detailed, the painterly, and the spiritual, examining the tensions therein between sensitivity and strength. For me, photographing is a poetic burst of inner feelings, an attempt to create something that honors the connection between nature and self.

I am interested in all aspects of photography and curatorship. I hope to become an art director someday, and I feel this internship will give me valuable insight into a photographic institution. As a photographer I was so excited to stumble upon the PRC, an intimate haven in which to explore new ideas in photography as network of communication that enhances our world with beauty, dialog, and invention.

Hilary Falcon is a photographer studying photojournalism at Boston University. Her work is an exploration of the connections between the natural world and the self. Attempting to honor nature’s authenticity, Falcon strives to document the paradoxes of everyday life that are mirrored in nature. Much of her work examines the tensions between sensitivity and strength, the qualities of color, and the delicate, detailed core of the living world.

You can follow her recent work at

and view her photojournalistic portfolio at

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Not an artist but an art enthusiast, Meredith Hoobler is the new PRC intern for the spring 2012 semester. An art history major and business minor at Boston University, she is new to the arts industry and ready to absorb all of the knowledge with which the PRC can provide her. Also a volunteer at the Museum of Fine Arts, she is ready to switch gears to a small, non-profit organization focusing on one main medium.  Interested in arts administration as well as the artistic side of the industry, she is hoping to gain valuable knowledge of running a smaller organization.

The PRC interested her because of the overlapping positions of each of the staff members—everyone contributes and works with each other to get the necessary preparations done for exhibitions, membership, and all other workings of the non-profit. She is excited to learn about all the facets that make up this organization.

Meredith enjoys fashion photography, particularly how the images can capture the movement of the garment while emphasizing the stillness of the moment in which the photographs were taken. She is also inspired by any photography that challenges the viewers to delve deeper past the surface meaning. The photographs that confuse, offend, and challenge the viewers are the ones that leave a strong, lasting impression.

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By David Ostman, PRC Volunteer and Supporter

This short film, more like an extended trailer, provides a quick snapshot of what the Photographic Resource Center is all about, from the perspective of a small but important faction of the PRC: the interns.  If you never knew about this place, you would probably walk right past the gallery’s modest, inconspicuous storefront along the B Line on Comm Ave.  The PRC’s physical space does not match the large and lasting impact it has had on the photographic community in the Boston area and New England since its founding in 1976. From artist lectures and student exhibitions to workshops and portfolio reviews, this well-established nonprofit has provided, and continues to provide, a great service towards furthering the medium of photography. My hope with this video is to give a brief but honest testament to this statement.

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Another of our new group of interns, Fiona will be working primarily in the library with Stefanie Maclin. Here’s Fiona:

I am a recent graduate of Brookline High School and will be attending Pratt Institute in the Fall. I have a deep adoration for photography, which will be my major at Pratt. My freshman year of high school I took an analog photography course and quickly fell in love. My favorite activities aside from taking pictures are traveling and cooking. In general I prefer to shoot analog but I absolutely enjoy shooting digital from time to time. I photograph anything that moves me, which ranges from the faint shadow of a tree to my father glued to his computer screen. The following are a few photographs from my portfolio [click to open larger versions for viewing]:

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Another one of our new crew of summer interns at the PRC, Matthew Reitman is a Boston University student with a major in Photojournalism and a minor in International Relations. Inspired by his travels, Matthew often photographs subjects in their natural surroundings, in attempt to capture their unique essence. He hopes to one day use his photography skills to shed light on various social issues across the world. In addition to the photos below, feel free to view more of Matthew’s work at

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One of our new summer interns, Alexander Abdalian is a Photo Illustration and Psychology student at Syracuse University. Recently returned from a semester abroad in London, Alex has a new found love for world travel and foreign culture.  He photographed his journey through the many countries and has stories to share. Alex isn’t set on one genre but captures anything that interests him, from people to travel, to products and fashion. Like everything he does, he tries to instill a personal style and touch into every photograph.

Included here are selections from his travel and studio portfolios. Welcome to the PRC, Alex, and enjoy your summer in Boston!

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