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If you weren’t able to make it last night to the lecture by Larry Fink, you missed out on a real special event.  After a few canceled and delayed flights he made it to the lecture hall with 5 minutes to spare.  He whipped out his harmonica and began to serenade the packed audience until his digital slide set-up was just right.

An image of Larry Fink.  Photo by Neal Rantoul

An image of Larry Fink. Photo by Neal Rantoul

The first half of the lecture he discussed his project, The Democrats following around Barack Obama on the campaign trail and ended with a retrospective of much of the work he has done over the past 40 years.

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Please join the PRC this Thursday, December 11th at 7pm for an interactive lecture with the prominent fine art and editorial photographer Larry Fink.

For over 30 years, photographer Larry Fink has been actively capturing the visual vernacular of the people and events that surrounds us.  From his earliest work in his books Social Graces, Boxing and Runway, to his most recent project The Democrats, Fink brings these social interactions out of the crowd and into our homes.

Lecture with Larry Fink
Thursday, December 11th at 7pm
Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences
5th Floor, Auditorium 522
725 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

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LECTURE/BOOK SIGNING: Animalia with Henry Horenstein

Tuesday, December 2, 7pm
Boston University’s Sargent College Auditorium 102
635 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
(Green Line, BU East “T” Stop)

Mark your calendar for an animated presentation with local luminary Henry Horenstein on his most recent monograph, Animalia, in addition to a career overview. Animalia represents the best of Horenstein’s images of sea and land creatures. Described variously as evocative, mysterious, romantic, surprising, and weird, Horenstein’s abstract images will make the viewer see otherwise familiar animals in a new and different light.

In addition to Animalia, Horenstein has published over 30 books including the monographs HumansCreaturesAquaticsCanine, and Racing Days, and some of the most widely used instructional texts in the field such as Black & White PhotographyBeyond Basic PhotographyPhotography, and Color Photography. His current photographs, Show, on the worlds of burlesque, fetish, drag, and sideshow, will be published next year. A committed educator and professor at RISD, Horenstein lives and works in Boston, MA.

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Nubar Alexanian Man Standing on Box

Join Nubar Alexanian for a discussion of his new book, NONFICTION: Photographs by Nubar Alexanian From the Film Sets of Errol Morris, which chronicles his 15-year collaboration with Erroll Morris, an Oscar award winning and Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker. Alexanian has worked closely with Morris while creating the still images used in many of the filmmakers projects. The two reunited during Morris’s current film, Standard Operating Procedure, about the now-famous photographs of torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib. Not only does the book NONFICTION record the two artists’ collaboration, it also investigates the nature of truth and observation as well as our understanding about what it means to bear witness.

The Particulars:
Lecture takes place on Thursday, May 8, at 7pm, and will be in BU’s Kenmore Classroom Building, Auditorium 101, 565 Commonwealth Avenue. It is FREE

Visit Nubar’s website here.

Standard Operating Procedure has been getting really interesting reviews. At the core of the film are the photos we’ve all come to recognize from Abu Ghraib. It connotes the pervasiveness of digital photography and the ease with which people take and share personal or sensitive photos. If these soldiers didn’t have cameras and weren’t acculturated into a world where everything is documented and shared, who knows how the situation might have played out differently. Check out the trailer:

Image: Nubar Alexanian, Hooded Prisoner on a Box, from the film Standard Operating Procedure and Alexanian’s new book, NONFICTION

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Your friendly PRC Education Manager here. When I first stepped out of the Auditorium at 6:30 last night I found myself taken aback by the site of hundreds of people waiting to enter Arno Minkkinen’s lecture. I knew how Roy Scheider must have felt when he stumbled back past Quint on the Deck of the Orca and mumbled those now famous few words, “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat.” Well last night, for the PRC’s inaugural lecture in our Spring Lecture Series and our premiere Polaroid Spotlight Lecture, we needed a bigger auditorium.

Last night was truly a milestone in the history of the PRC. Arno was, as always, inspiring and his talk will be remembered for years to come. We are truly fortunate to have someone as genuinely kind and giving as Arno in our community. The attendance at the lecture was staggering! The demonstration of support for Arno and the PRC was humbling. I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out. I also want to say how heartbroken I was that we couldn’t fit everyone into the lecture hall (including yours truly). I am happy to say, however, that we will have an audio recording of the lecture available at the PRC within a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can listen and watch the super AV slideshow that BU Today did on Arno here.

And be sure to check out photos from the event on our flickr site, courtesy of our all-star event photographer Mike Howard.

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