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In this new feature, we are showcasing an image per week from our current exhibition, the 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition. Robert Knight’s is our 8th to date.

A couple of weeks ago, we concluded a 2 week run of the PRC on Flak Photo. This “web photo happening” spotlighted 10 images from the Juried Show. We’re still a “feature” on their home page,  Also be sure to check out Boston’s own Sage Sohier’s work as well. To see the show on the walls, check out our PRC Flickr page!

I have been a fan of Robert Knight’s work for some time now, so I was tickled when our juror Lesley A. Martin liked his work too.  I featured Robert’s work on Northeast Exposure Online (NEO) in May 2006 – right when he was graduating from MassArt.  Robert is one of our juried show alumni; he was also selected for last year’s exhibition as well by juror Jen Bekman (looks like he’ll also be a 20×200 soon!). This coming fall, he’ll have a show at Gallery Kayafas as well!  Congrats!

From Robert Knight’s statement:
In this subset of my larger “Dwelling” project, I explore the expectations which parents place on their children and which are reinforced by societal institutions, imagery, and traditions.  Through my photographs, I perceive a parent’s hopes and dreams about their child’s future physical image, intelligence, and success, as well as tensions that may exist between these aspirations and reality.  Collectively, I hope this project will make us conscious of children’s pressures and aware of the potential effects of the myriad images to which they are exposed.

ABOVE IMAGE: Robert Knight, Free and Hazel (Ages 12 & 8) #1, Roslindale, MA, 2006, 2006/2007, from the series “Dwelling: Caution – Children at Play,” Archival Inkjet Print, 31 x 39 inches, courtesy of Gallery Kayafas

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In this new feature, we are showcasing an image per week from our upcoming 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition. This is our 6th to date, slightly delayed due to the holiday on Monday.

I first saw Talia Chetrit’s work in the juried graduate exhibition, Boston Young Contemporaries. I always love when artists address their own mediums. BYC 2008 will be coming soon to the 808 Gallery, right next door to the PRC, July 18th through August 2nd!

Talia’s work is different, it’s hard to put a finger on it. Enthralled, I showed her in our online series of emerging photographers, Northeast Exposure Online (or NEO for short). I was thrilled that our juror Lesley A. Martin liked her work too and selected it for this year’s show.

Here is a snippet from her artist statement:
“Photography records optical space.
Light and time are its basic elements. I reduce my subject to these fundamental components to investigate the potential of photography’s inherent properties and how we perceive and categorize this medium. I examine the photographic process and experiment with perception-both the viewer’s and my own. How can the basic tools of light and space move us? How can we encounter them differently?…
From white to black, Grayscale refers to the Zone System, a chart traditionally used when exposing negatives for a perfect tonal spectrum.”

And don’t forget – since this past Monday, the PRC has been teaming up with the kind folks at Flak Photo to feature 10 images from the Juried Show, a “web photo happening” if you will. The series continue today, and runs weekdays through the end of this week, May 26 – 30.

If you are out of town, don’t worry, we posted some images of the installation and reception (with more to come this week) on our PRC Flickr page!

ABOVE IMAGE: Talia Chetrit, Rainbow, 2007, Inkjet Print, 24 x 20 inches, courtesy of the artist

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The first ever New York Photo Festival is in full swing this weekend. Sadly, taking down the New England Survey exhibition and artists dropping off and overall gallery prep for EXPOSURE: 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition is keeping me close to the fold here in Boston. Neverthless, we wish them the best and have a few neat PRC/Boston overlaps to note! Congratulations all!

Our 2008 PRC juror Lesley A. Martin is one of the curators of the festival. She put together a wonderful exhibition, Ubiquitous Image, which includes Penelope Umbrico, represented locally by Bernard Toale Gallery, whom I showed most recently in the PRC exhibition Ad/Agency.

A few names of note made the inaugural NY Photo Awards list under fine art single images and series. Martin Fougeron has been getting a lot of attention as of late and will be in our upcoming juried show. Jessica Todd Harper, who was in the 2005/2006 PRC exhibition Group Portrait, makes the list as does local imagemaker (and the photographer of the Boston Superheros Project) Tanit Sakakini.

When dropping off her work for the juried show yesterday, Claire Beckett told me that she was invited by Laurel Ptak of Aperture and i heart photograph to be on an Aperture panel. She’ll speak on Sunday with photographer Nina Berman, a sort of before and after Iraq. Claire was in our 2006 PRC exhibition, DOCUMENT, and was interviewed this week in Big, Red, and Shiny.

Consider this an open invitation to add any other
connections/kudos in the comments!

For those heading to NY, have a safe trip. Please take lots of pictures and share them with us will you?

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In this new feature, we are showcasing an image per week from our upcoming 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition. This is our 5th to date.

This is Lana Z Caplan’s 2nd juried show she’s gotten into since I’ve worked here. I have been a fan ever since Lana showed me work in my monthly portfolio reviews. I drooled over her tintypes at Gallery NAGA. Lana has been researching and photographing former sites of public executions in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Presented as sepia toned gelatin silver prints in French mats with text, the final presentation subverts visual and cultural expectations and practices.

Here is an example of the title for the above image: Site of Public Executions by Hanging from the Tyburn Tree Gallows, up to 25 people hanging at a time, averaging 35 hangings per year, 1571 – November 3, 1783, (Marble Arch, London)

Come to the PRC opening on Thursday, May 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm and see the real work! Or if you are out of town, don’t worry, we’ll be posting images of the installation and reception on our PRC Flickr page.

ABOVE IMAGE: Lana Z Caplan, 2007, Sepia Toned Gelatin Silver Print, 20 x 21 inches, courtesy of the artist and Gallery NAGA

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PDN (Photo District News) just released their eagerly-anticipated Photo Annual. Besides announcing their Annual winners, providing an insightful year in review, and giving the amazing advice they usually do, they had a great feature titled “46 Reasons to Love Photography Now.” The PRC, along with our annual juried show, is thrilled to be one of the 46 things!

PDN wrote in part: “The economy got you down? PDN’s editors and writers have compiled a list of the innovations, inspiring people, innovations, and idiosyncrasies that make photography as rewarding and exciting as ever.” PDN- we heart you too!

A special thanks goes out to Jeanine Fijol, PDN Photo Editor, who was our juror for the 11th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition in 2006, who first contacted me. The PRC joins a whole host of diverse people, places, and things, reminiscent of our unique 30th anniversary exhibition, PRC/POV (the venerable Dashwood Books made both of our lists!). Below is a montage from the magazine (thank you Cara!) and a few of the other 46 favorite things. Get thee to a newsstand and buy one now!

* Lee Friedlander * National Geographic * ICP Infinity Awards
* on demand printing * Wired magazine * Arles
* Taschen Books * B&H’s overhead conveyors * Nadav Kander
* Columbia College, Chicago * 20×200 * The Eddie Adams workshop

From PDN magazine

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In this new feature, we are featuring an image per week from our upcoming 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition. This is our 4th to date.

Cree Bruins is the the product of a Kodak family, just like myself. We have a lot in common as you can read in her statement below and in my blog post on growing up in Rochester, NY.

Come to the PRC opening on May 22nd and see the real work. Or if you are out of town, don’t worry, we’ll be posting images of the installation and reception on our PRC Flickr page.

ABOVE IMAGE: Cree Bruins, Lost and Found, 5B, 2006/2007 from the series “Leader Series,” Iris Print, 18 x 12 inches, courtesy of the Boston Drawing Project at Bernard Toale Gallery

“Leader Series – Lost and Found”

I was raised in Rochester, New York, the home of Eastman Kodak. My father worked for this well-known company for over 30 years. This early introduction to photography continues to exert its influence today in my art.

I use discarded end leaders from processed 35mm film that had been partially exposed to light during the loading process into the camera. These film parts are digitally captured, then converted to an Iris print. Each image merges the disappearing art form of film photography with the digital technology of today.

– Cree Bruins

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