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By Fran Gardino, Volunteer Workshop Assistant

I guess you could call me middle-of-the-road with regard to promoting my fine art photo work.  I have self-published three photo books, designed and posted an evolving website and participated in a seemingly endless series of local art shows.  I’ve also had two portfolio reviews and licensed several of my photos for relatively small fees. Like many in the audience, I decided that it’s about time for a boost and an update.  The PRC’s “Finding Your Audience” workshop with Mary Virginia Swanson — or Swanee, as she likes to be called — was just the ticket.

A multi-media presentation and Mary Virginia Swanson? Count me in.

A number of years ago, I attended a photo lecture given by an aging Doc Edgerton at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  During his lecture, Doc mentioned that despite his many years on the case, there were still plenty of strobe photography opportunities waiting out there, in particular, the photographing of complex wing movements of a large variety of hummingbirds in South America.  Even in his old age, Doc was still seeking lifetime challenges and inspiring all of us in the audience to do the same.

Similarly, Swanee, although much younger than Doc was at the time of his MFA lecture, showed an intense video slide presentation that was both inspirational and full of challenges, useful concepts and practical hints.  Her presentation was specifically designed for those of us that feel the need to exhibit our work in galleries, museums, etc., sell, and self-publish our best photos in printed books and on the web.

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For those who haven’t yet had the “Swanny” – aka Mary Virginia Swanson – experience , I pass along a link to her web site and to her incredible blog.

I first met Swanny at the SPE Austin, TX in 2003 and she knew who I was before I knew who I was! I highly recommend her book The Business of Photography and required it for my class at AIB.

For those wanting to get all the happenings, news, and calls for entries first, her blog is a MUST! I thought I subscribed to a lot of emails and listservs, but she takes the cake. You can get it all in one place here. Check it out now, bookmark it, visit often, or better yet, subscribe to her RRS feed –

ABOVE IMAGE: We heart blog, found on flickr in tarop’s photostream.

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