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Get thee to see!

There are only 10 more days to see the PRC’s SYNTAX exhibition as well as the whole Boston Cyberarts Festival – both run through May 10th!

I’m hitting the pavement hard tomorrow myself. You can check out SYNTAX virtually here and chart out your entire Cyberarts route here.

Some highlights:

In Sebastian Smee’s recent review of the entire Cyberarts fest in the Boston Globe, he stated the following: “The best curated group show I saw as part of the festival was “Syntax” at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University (reviewed in the Globe by Mark Feeney, April 3).”

In Nina Barber’s Big, Red, and Shiny’s interview with Boston Cyberarts Festival’s amazing Director George Fifield: “The organizations have a very good sense of what the festival is about. Somebody like the Photographic Resource Center’s Leslie Brown has done these great exhibitions where she really gets under the ideas of what technology is when you use the phrase in terms of art. Their current show, “SYNTAX,” is about artists who are mainly photographers, but they are approaching the data that’s actually in the photos in interesting ways.”

Below is a list of links and press that SYNTAX has garnered:

Art New England, April/May 2009 (not posted online yet)

Boston Phoenix, Greg Cook, “Our digital landscape, The 2009 Boston Cyberarts Fest,” Greg Cook, April 28, 2009

BU Today, AV Slideshow, “The Artistic Semantics of Syntax, New exhibition opens today at Photographic Resource Center,” Kimberly Cournelle, March 30, 2009

Stuff, “Syntax,” Jacqueline Houton, March 23, 2009

Boston Phoenix, “Digital language at the PRC, Syntax, at Boston University’s Photographic Resource Center,” Evan J. Garza, March 11, 2009

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Keeping Time
is online at BU Today! 

Click here or above to listen to Kimberly Cornuelle’s wonderful audio interview with Sharon Harper along with a slideshow of images from the show.  Thanks Kimberly and Sharon!

The show also got another online bit of press from the art critic at Yankee MagazineClick here to read Edgar Allen Beem’s preview.

You can also click here to see pics from the opening reception and exhibition installation on our Flickr site.

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The show is hung, the labels are up, and the carpet is vacuumed!
If you are in the Boston area, stop by for some art, hummus, and good conversation TONIGHT from 5:30-7:30pm. The show looks great!

In addition the wonderful mention of the PRC in PDN this month and the current “web photo happening” this week and next week on, we’ve been lucky to get a lot of attention about this year’s show, EXPOSURE: The 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition.

Online today is a super AV slideshow feature on BU Today. Our favorite BU reporter Kimberly Cornuelle spoke to 3 of the artists in the show – Lana Z Caplan, Claire Beckett, and Cree Bruins – and the slideshow features every image in the exhibition!

Here is some other press for you to check out – but do come by and see the work in person if you can!

* Boston Phoenix last week
* Boston Phoenix,
this week, May 22, 8 days a week/ critic’s pick
* Boston Globe, Sidekick, Friday, May 23

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Mark Feeny at Boston Globe

I am delighted to report that Mark Feeney, resident art, photo, and culture critic at the Boston Globe, has won the Pultizer Prize in Criticism! I just learned about the great news. Congratulations Mark! You so richly deserve it!

I am also honored to report that one of the 10 stories with which Mark was nominated and won was his review for the PRC exhibition Picture Show. You can read all of Mark Feeney’s nominated, prize-winning stories here.

This series of 10 reviews includes his musings on the photographic efforts of several PRC friends, including Kim Sichel’s aerial photography show, Arlette Kayafas’s Charles Teenie Harris show, and Abe Morell’s Mead Art Museum show. Being that we are a smaller non-profit in a largish city, I am thrilled and humbled that Mark has written about our shows so often, or even at all. You can read 5 of Mark’s reviews of PRC exhibitions here.

I so very much appreciate the time that Mark spends in understanding an exhibition and I know the artists do too. He always asks for all of the wall text and artist statements. I have long admired Mark for his insightful commentary and ability to create brilliant turns of phrases. In his writing, you can tell how much he enjoys pondering ideas of all stripes.

Here are some excerpts below from the Boston Globe story and above, a photo by another of our favorite Globe staffers, Dominic Chavez.

From the Boston Globe, Globe writer wins Pulitzer for Criticism

By Don Aucoin, Globe Staff, April 7, 2008

Mark Feeney, an arts writer and photography reviewer for The Boston Globe, today was awarded the 2008 Pultizer Prize for criticism.

It is the 20th time the Globe has won the Pulitzer, which is considered the most prestigious award in journalism, and the second time in the past seven years that the newspaper has won the award for criticism.

Feeney, 50, won for 10 essays on visual culture that ranged from photography to painting and film. A self-described Globe “lifer” who began working at the newspaper shortly after he graduated from Harvard in 1979, Feeney noted today that the Globe has long made arts criticism a cornerstone of its identity.

“More than anything else, it’s about the paper,” he said of the Pulitzer. “There are so many people who are deserving who don’t get it. It’s a crapshoot. I’m just amazed, overwhelmed, and really, really pleased that the dice came up for me this time. But it’s not just for me. It’s for the paper.”
The awards were announced this afternoon at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. …

Feeney won the Pulitzer for 10 critical essays that suggest the fluency and brio of his writing style, and the range of interests on which he brings that style to bear. …

“The Globe has a great tradition of reviewers, not just such prior Pulitzer winners as Robert Campbell and Gail Caldwell, but so many others, going all the way back to Michael Steinberg, Robert Taylor, Richard Dyer, Margaret Manning, and several current colleagues whom I will not embarrass by naming,” said Feeney.

Feeney was born in Winchester, Mass., and raised in Reading, Mass. His mother,
Agnes, who still lives in Reading, will turn 90 on Saturday.  “I’ve been at a loss as to what to get her for a present,” Feeney said. “I guess I’m all set now.”

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